Iran is the best producer of Dates in the World in terms of variety, taste and the nutritional values. Quantity output wise Iran is third in the World next to Egypt and Saudi Arabia.
The regions in which Dates are grown are spread across South East and South West of Iran in the provinces such as Kerman, Khuzestan, Bushehr, Hormozgan, Sistan and Baluchestan. These provinces have climate most conducive to crop of Dates.
Iran has 8 types of Dates, which are most prominent and exported.

Sayer Dates:

Sayer Dates are grown in Khuzestan province. Sayer Dates are very high in calories give high level of energy. The farmers in this area are by and large using organic manures one can safely say Sayer Dates are organic. The most important features of Sayer dates is it can be stored at normal room temperature for a year without any damage to the fruit. This makes Sayer as one of the most economical in price and high in nutrition.

sayor dates

Piarom Dates:

Once again Piarom Dates have very high level of proteins, sugar fructose type. Very helpful for diabetic persons and improves metabolism. The think skin dark brown in colour is regard as Chocolate, having a unique flavour and taste. The shelf life is long due to low moisture content remains protected from souring, worms and fermentation. Piarom Dates are very expensive but still very popular in the World due to it’s qualities.

Piarom Dated

Rabbi Dates:

This type of Dates are very high in natural Sugar content both lactose and fructose being an alternative to natural sugar. Rabbi Dates are gown in Sistan and Baluchistan province. The tree grows very rapidly making it more attractive for the farmers, while giving consumer good value for money. The appearance is unique being lengthy up to 4 to 5 centimetres. Rabbi Dates also have a long shelf life can be stored in a cool place and dry place up to 1 year without refrigeration.

Rabbi Dates

Mazafati Dates:

The most important, World famous dates from Iran are Mazafati Dates grown in Khuzestan province. Regarded as most tasty Dates of the World. The water content of Mazafati Dates ranges from 15% to 35%, therefore the storage in refrigerated places in recommended with temperaturebetween -5*C to 5*C. With high sugar contents, Mazafati are used in making various kinds of sweet foods, Chocolates etc.

Mazafati Dates

Zahedi Dates:

Zahedi dates are one of the verities,which have a unique oval shape, unique colour and taste. Zahedi being semi dry are easy to transport and store without refrigeration therefore very popular all over the World. These dates have high Calcium content, which is good for bones with rich fibre good for digestive system of body. High content of Antioxidants are also very help for health. All in All a very desirable kind of Dates with the consumers.

Zehadi Dates

Kabkab Dates:

Kabkab Dates are high in Magnesium, iron and other mineral contents due to which, regarded as supplement to diet. Helps in maintaining good eyesight, good for joint pains and lungs health. Kabkab Dates need storage temperature below 5*C to save from insects. Despite all the nutritional qualities the prices are very affordable.

Kabkab Dates

Khasoyi Dates:

A unique variety from one of the oldest province of Iran Bushehr is very rich in Iron, potassium and magnesium therefore very good to maintain health with daily consumption with other normal diet. Khasoyi dates very small in size and very sweet in taste. Due to their size higher quantity should be used. Persons having anaemia and bone problems must have Khasoyi Dates regularly.

Khasoyi Dates

Shahani Dates:

Shahani Dates are grown in Fars province. Narrow in bright brown colour make it distinct to recognise. Shahani have very high content of Iron and minerals. Traditionally it has been used for maintaining good level of Cholesterol in blood. With high fibre content good for stomach and digestion. With minerals and Iron makes it useful for overall good health and to prevent anaemia.

Shahani Dates